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Blepharoplasty with Dr. Javan

Aging happens, but Dr. Javan is here to talk about Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for an exciting promotion!  

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SPF Sun Protection with SkinMedica

There is no shortage of information on the Internet about sun protection and how important it is to maintain the youth of your skin, and more importantly, protect against skin cancer. We think it’s important to use Broad Spectrum protection, meaning it will protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. SkinMedica sunscreens not only meet this criteria, but they also feel so great on your skin we’re confident you won’t mind putting it on every single day as part of your routine! While our giveaway this month is a great opportunity to win FREE SPF products from a company we … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery with Dr. Javan

Considering Plastic Surgery? Dr. Javan offers a wide variety of procedures to meet the needs of her clients, and this month is offering a fantastic special to those who book their procedures in the month of June! Read to the bottom of this post to find out more. Dr. Javan is double board certified in General and Plastic Surgery following her extensive educational journey through Loma Linda University with residencies at St. John Hospital and Wayne State University in Michigan. Dr. Javan has presented numerous times about her research efforts and continues to remain engaged in community lectures. It’s important … Continue reading

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5 Procedures to Help Put Your Best Face Forward – Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery at The Javan Institute may be the remedy for those flaws we see in our morning mirror, often caused by age and gravity, but let’s not forget to thank our dear friends genetics and stress as well! Read below to see if any of these surgeries are what you’re looking for, and click the links to our website for further information! Don’t forget to check out the bottom of the post, we have a great little special for YOU! Brow Lift This procedure will reduce wrinkle lines across the forehead, bridge of the nose and between the … Continue reading

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Get Your Body Summer Ready!

The dreary winter months are here, and many are probably thinking ahead to warm sunny summertime! What you may not be ready to think about is your beach body in the midst of all the holiday treats we are indulging in. But January will be here soon and what better way to prepare for summer than booking that procedure you’ve been thinking about! Whether it’s a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck or SmartLipo, The Javan Institute is here to help! Check out the links below to see what services we offer! • Breast Reduction • Breast Enhancement • Face Lift • … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Summer Sun Spots with Laser Resurfacing

A long summer of sun exposure, and the all around sunny weather we tend to experience here in sunny southern California, can wreak havoc on your skin without proper SPF protection. And while we all have the best of intentions in protecting our skin, the aging process is bound to rear its ugly head in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and unsightly blotches. Enter Laser Resurfacing! Whether you’re looking to treat a small area, or your entire face, the laser resurfacing process will remove skin, layer by layer, to reveal fresh, radiant skin. During the healing process new cells … Continue reading

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Top 3 Benefits of the Mommy Makeover!

We at The Javan Institute can’t think of a better time to discuss a MOMMY MAKEOVER than when we’re all thinking about looking our best this Summer. We all love our children, but chances are you don’t love the condition that pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding have left your body in. It’s not uncommon for women to have a very clear split in how they see their body…the pre-baby body and then the POST-baby body. Enter the MOMMY MAKEOVER!! A Mommy Makeover typically includes a couple of procedures to help get you back to your pre-baby body. The 3 Benefits of … Continue reading

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